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Psychic Insights Spirituality & Self Development Ryllandra Rose

Psychic Insights Spirituality & Self Development

Ryllandra Rose

Published May 23rd 2015
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 About the Book 

These books, Psychic Insights Relationships- Health & Success and Spirituality & Self Development, are a compilation of the questions asked of me in one form or another, in my practice as a psychic consultant. I believe with the right advice and guidance it’s possible to adapt our lives to attain at least some aspects of the future we want for ourselves.For ten years I used my skills to provide answers to people by way of a published newspaper column. Some of those questions and answers are included among the tens of thousands of questions from letters, emails and personal interactions from those wanting some guidance in their lives. I want people to think for themselves, to think of new ways of doing things, and of being who they are, to be independent while still being kind to themselves.All details that might lead to the identification of the questioner have been removed. In addition, all locations or anything else that would lead to being able to identify anyone has also been removed. However, some people might have an uncanny likeness to someone you know, thats just how life is. There will always be someone who can be fitted to a description, no matter how unique we tell ourselves we are, or how unique we might tell each other we are, were all the same in so many ways.I am thankful to have been able to help so many people. I love what I do and its so rewarding to hear how interesting and helpful these writings have been for others. My wish is that you too find some inspiration or guidance to help you to take the next steps toward a goal in your own life.