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The Cold Eyes of Provence Dinko Lucic

The Cold Eyes of Provence

Dinko Lucic

Published April 1st 2001
ISBN : 9780595165889
164 pages
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 About the Book 

A thriller that covers the hunt for humans, sexual violence, and the fatal love of a woman. A story where people die for the sake of true love.The Cold Eyes of Provence is a thriller that leads to the ideal of true love. The Matthews family is spending their vacations in Nice, on the Cote dAzur. It is an excellent holiday until it happened—when Catherine Matthews was transfixed by Nika. Catherine, the pretty and smart American wife of David, and mother of little Chris, was driven by unexplainable feelings towards Nika, the strange, but divinely beautiful French woman. Day-by-day on the Cote dAzur something was changing in Catherine. She began to spend more and more time with Nika. It was strange, but she was sure that only now her eyes were starting to open, and that this was the dawning of a new life for her. Her life in Seattle seemed so unnatural and scarce compared to the new horizons that she was facing now. She had not previously questioned her love for her husband, but now the feelings that were growing inside her had destroyed all her previously held notions about love.Flash to Sarajevo with Nika and the bloody heart of a war. The world Catherine was now living in was completely different to anything she had known so far. Then the killing began. The thriller plunges into the horrors of war to bring its reality to the surface. What is a human being, and how fair and moral is our global society? The story answers these questions and tells us much more. About love.