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Ponifying The Horsey Girl (Pony Girl Sex Book 1) Charlotte Edwards

Ponifying The Horsey Girl (Pony Girl Sex Book 1)

Charlotte Edwards

Kindle Edition
21 pages
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 About the Book 

Lauren was an attractive 24 four year old woman but like a lot of well-bred girls she looked a bit, well horsey! The small chin and slightly protruding teeth had given her self-image problems, causing her to dress in an ugly way. Billionaire Jeremy could see right through that. He liked submissive women as an accomplished Master and he loved horsey girls. he had a friend with a pony girl ranch and he really fancied the idea of having his own, fully-trained human pony. Before she knew what was happening, Lauren was shipped off to Texas and undergoing a startling transformation.Extract:Lauren never made it back to her flat that night. She stayed at one of his flats in town and he slowly seduced her. Peeling away her layers of resistance with her clothes, the big and powerful man was soon looking at her matching bra and pants. “You are an amazingly attractive woman, Lauren,” he told her. “I feel very privileged that you’re finally giving yourself to me.”“Who says I’m giving myself to you?” She tried to joke weakly.“I am,” Jeremy said simply, crooking his finger to beckon her over. She padded across meekly and he held her chin to push her face up to meet a kiss, deftly unfastening her bra at the same time to get access to her firm tits.For a free sample, scroll up and click look inside.